Paradise valley

1/2 day from 08:30AM till 13:00

Description: Excursion paradise valley

 The paradise valley also called the green valley , Thanks to the verdant landscape throughout the wadi, Where spring water flows almost all year round. A valley allowing the relaxation, and the escape of the stress of the agglomerations of the big cities to be in full nature.
The walk can be done preferentially during the morning.

Details: Excursion paradise valley


Departure at 08:30. Direction towards the north of Agadir, and after a moment of road, diversion to the village of the bananas to take the road of the honey .... Beautiful place !!!
The hike will take us 30 min walk, it is so pretty, Palm trees, oleanders, olive trees, etc., accompany you all the time. Natural swimming pools and water lakes dug into hard, coherent rocks all along the gorges that sometimes attempt to reach heights of 180m. After you are free to appreciate beautiful landscapes.

After this refreshment break, We take our way back
Arrival in Agadir is around 13h00